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Welcome to my corner of the Vile world! It's only a couple days until this year is officially friggin dead, and instead of wasting your life with a buttload of shit you already read about on some other spoon-feeding music blog, I'm gonna do you something better. I'm gonna give you 5 releases that I really think went unsung this year, in spite of how fucking incredible they are. A couple LPs, a couple EPs- nothing too overwhelming, I swear.  :)



For fans of: Spitfire, Every Time I Die, Fear Before the March of Flames

You'll ask me why, and I'll say two words: Steve Choi. If ya didn't know already, this dude plays guitar in The Sound of Animals Fighting and RX(FREAKING)Bandits! His guitar sound is totally surprising, yet right at home, on this 5 track masterpiece. Technical and heavy as fuck, topped with incredible vocals that get melodic at the perfect time.

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Favorite tracks:  Castlemania(see video above), Cha-Chang-Chang-Chainmail




 For Fans of: Fugazi, At the Drive In, BearVsShark

This band is so good and they work way too fucking hard to not be blowing the fuck up right now. They comprise of two ukranian brothers + a bassist, and they're based out of friggin Canada. Crack open a barley pop and try not to crack your head open jammin' on these ten fucking bangers! 

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Favorite tracks: I Don't Fit(see video above), You Did It To Yourself




For fans of: TTNG, Tiger's Jaw, As Tall As Lions

These guys are very close friends of mine, and every time they put something out I lose my shit. This album is designed with the sole purpose of making people touch eachother(or at least REALLY wish they were!). Everything is gorgeous. The guitars are melodic and just technical enough. Andy Milad's voice sounds like the angel of fucking sex, and the rhythm section is the perfect surface for all of it ("it"=sex) to happen on. Nick Galli Has seriously become one of my favorite drummers and I'm so proud of these boys.

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Favorite Tracks: Sweetness(see above video), Bandages





For fans of: Jay Reatard, Ty Segall,  The Beach Boys


FUN FACT: Paul used to be in a band with half of the dudes in Wayne Szalinski once, and that's how I know him/them(cool story, bruh!). Anyway, this is my favorite thing Paul has done. It's so carefree and fun, making it absolutely perfect for gettin BLAZEDDDD. It also gets to levels of sexiness(ie: "Hey Girl") that rival his homies in WS, and I may or may not have touched myself to it a couple of times(tee hee!).

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Favorite tracks: Everybody's Burnin' Out(see above video), Hey There, Brother





For Fans of: Norma Jean, Thursday, At the Drive In



This two piece workhorse used to be based out of MI, but they moved out to Minot, ND. I miss them a lot.  Tim is a fucking post-hardcore guitar wizard and Matt is a goddamn machine. I cannot wait to see what's next from these fellas. Be sure to look for these guys, they live to tour and they fucking kill it live!

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Favorite tracks: The Light Controller, Dead Drums Beat


Thanks for the read, guys. I'll be back with more music next year!

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Love you all, and don't forget to keep it VILE!