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REVIEW: Lemix J. Buckley's "Forgive Yourself" EP

    So I know I keep reviewing really twinkly emo/post rock stuff, and I promise I'll get to some heavier stuff soon, but local dudes keep hitting me with these incredible releases and I'd be really fucking shitty for not showing them to you! Not too long ago I showed you guys the single "Hauntings" by Lemix J. Buckley, and now I get to show you "Forgive Yourself" and finish what's been started :)

Cred: Marlene Lacasse

Cred: Marlene Lacasse

   It's a short lil' fella, with only 4 tracks, but it friggin' hits you. You go from the poppy, yet noodly, yet somber single to open with. Vocals chime in repeatedly "Does anybody have a gun? Won't you clean up when I'm done?". Heavy shit. Definitely a darker themed set of songs, despite the glassy twinkly finish. It's beautiful, though. Josh(Gill) and Gage(Welch) compliment eachother well with the sings and the strings. Then we check into "Bluff" which sort of sticks to the theme of "Hauntings", but seems to get even darker, as it seems to be telling a story from a convicted killer's vantage point- "Smiling in my concrete room//Remembering how I dismembered you ". Gorgeous guitar work and brilliant pacing by the drummer, Mr. Alex Bazzi, who's love for Zach Hill shows in this one. Kudos to Bradley(Lockheart) for holding it down on bass with such an animal on the skins. ;)

   Next we hit a spacier sounding "The Advocate", which really is a change of pace with a waltzy-er pace to go with the echo-ing guitars. It slowly builds in to a much more driving sound and pounds away till the end. Most excellent. But they saved the best for last. "Complex Up" really just shows off everything you'd love about these guys. Kicks off with a really bright, dance-y riff and verse that leads to this glorious chorus bit that just makes you wanna touch yerself. The VERY BEST PART, however is the incredible, building climax of and ending. Josh starts screaming in-between croons, and it all just ends in the right place, with Josh Screaming "I'm fucking sorry". Juicy, twinkly, emotive songs from an incredible Metro Det. area band. Check it below:

SEE? I fucking love these songs. Go download this shit. Listen to it repetitively and check these guys out live, they post shows on facebook!

In the meantime, I need to figure out why my poop is neon green!

See ya next week <3






The BoySz are Back in Town <3

Hey guys!

As you probably already know, Wayne Szaliniski has won my heart with their full-length effort "Black Mirror" last year. Since the album's release they have gone through some changes, and now they are headed out on a whopper of a tour! I took a sec to chat with frontman Andy Milad, who doubles as one of my favorite people on earth!

PHOTO CRED: Daniel Balderas

PHOTO CRED: Daniel Balderas

ANDYFirst off, thanks for takin' your time to ask us a few questions, I really appreciate it. Second, so glad you're into the record. That means so much comin' from friends I hope you know. 

TOPH: Thank you for making such a gorgeous set of songs, man. We go back a lil' ways and it's always been so fun to be around you and the music you create :) So, tell me about this tour... Is this your longest one yet?

ANDY: Yep! This is going to be our longest tour to date. Super excited, I'm sure it'll be a blast.

TOPH: I fucking bet! And since you guys released black mirror(one of my absolute favorite things this past year), I know dudes like Nick Galli and Kurt Roy have moved/are moving away. So, how are you guys adjusting to that? (I really wanted Kurt to record my band so it hurts me, hopefully he can master/mix some stuff for me some day!)

ANDY: It's always a bummer to lose a band member. We've played with, I think, five bass players now... so we've learned to adapt pretty quickly. Drums are another issue entirely. When Nick left to go work at his dream-job, we were very sad. Nick had such a profound impact on the sound of the band through his playing-style, so it took us awhile to get back on track. We love Nick, we miss him, but we're also very happy for him. Check his Instagram, he's livin' lavish.

 That being said, we're working with a fantastic new drummer now, Judson Branam. He's got a style all of his own and he's an incredibly positive force to work with. Jud's a really friendly guy and I'm super excited to be touring with him.

TOPH: Good to hear you found a good fit! However, I miss the hell out of Nick. Never got to ride bikes :( And I was broke when it first released, but is "Black Mirror" still available on vinyl?

ANDY: Black Mirror, our debut album, is definitely still available. We sold a bunch when it was released and got more pressed for this upcoming tour. If you can't catch us at a show, you can always get it online, here @ 

TOPH: DOPE! I'm snaggin' that shit ASAP! Now, what were your biggest influences on that record? (I mean both musically and "IRL")

ANDY: Black Mirror is our first full-length record, so it compiles a bunch of songs written over several years. In that time our influences were extremely varied, but I think the strongest were Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, and TTNG

TOPH: I can definitely see it. I'm gonna catch you at PJ's on May 7th, can I please sing with you? <3

ANDY: heck yea man, just get up there w/ me. :)

TOPH: Yesssss. You can count on it. See ya then buddy! Tell Andrew Adams I love him!

You can catch them on the kick-off, like I mentioned, at PJ's in detroit. Click here for the FB event, and peep the poster below for the full tour schedule! Dueces!






MY DUDES in MAN MOUNTAIN have done it again. The post-rockin' dudes of metro detroit have finally followed up last year's release of "To Call Each Thing by it's Right Name" with an incredible new single. "To Be Made As New" is an homage to spring, and it's come just in time. It's gorgeous, comes in twinkling with bright guitars that sound almost like a couple of acoustics echoing all seductive-like, and then before you know it the boys (Mike Reaume, David Reaume, and Jacob Goins) eventually crush you with their land-slide of epic beauty. These guys are special, and I've known that about them forever- so I'm so glad to get the chance to show everyone I know! 

There's no vocals, but they don't need them. The layers of tones and melodies are so immersing. Go get that shit on bandcamp, and keep checking back here because It's Man Mountain's week here at vile company!  And tomorrow I'll be tophin' around with Mike and going over the gear that he uses to crank out that delicious tone you're hearing!





Hauntings by Lemix J. Buckley

Toph-life has gotten an upgrade recently in the day-job department, which is not only exciting because I'll get more money(hold the problems, please), but because my schedule won't be all freaking up in my shit when I wanna go to shows. So look out for me in the near future, don't be shy because I'm shy and I'll never walk up to you(especially if you're cute). Also, look out for some live reviews and interviews since i'll actually have time on my hands to do such things.

photo cred: Tyler Humphrey

photo cred: Tyler Humphrey

Anyway- earlier this week, MY DUDES in Lemix J. Buckley dropped a fucking killer single that kills you softly in a sexual way. It's this gorgeous, mathy emo ballad that channels feels through their twinkly, noodly guitar work and quick-witted rythm section. I friggin love these dudes, I've known Josh Gill and Alex Bazzi since before they were allowed to drink(are they even that old yet? shit.), and they have come such a long way. So fun to see locals gro into pros, especially when they're your homies and they write dope shit like this. This shit is called "Hauntings" and it is available to rock on bandcamp as you see below:

I know, I'm wet too.

Make sure you follow these fuckers on facebook and keep an eye out for shows. I also know from a specific source that there is much more where this song came from. You know my ass is posting a review on that shit as soon as it's out as well :)

Thanks again guys, I love you all! See ya soon.

-XOXO Toph



Lake Effect

photo by Blair Spear

photo by Blair Spear

So it's been a couple weeks, but things have been crazy since the last time I had a piece together for you guys. I hope y'all got to check out Berserker Fest, I heard it was a killer time. Meanwhile, when I was at Pizza Show at the stick- I saw some ridiculous live music that could have easily rivaled the lineups in ferndale, and I got to see punk bands at the Magic Stick(RIP) one last time before the "EDM scene"(blech) got it's chance to puke all over it. One band in particular caught my eye: Lake Effect.

These dudes hail from Port Huron, MI, and they fucking killed it live. Super raw, emotionally charged melodic hardcore homegrown in our own little angsty mitten. I love it. I bought a shirt and got to meet the dudes, as they were stationed right next to the vile merch at the show. Honestly the nicest, down to earth guys ever. Their most recent EP is titled "History" and you can snag it from bandcamp. They are presently writing a new batch of tracks to be released as well(as per their facebook page), so keep your eyes peeled- I'll probably be pulling a write-up on that bitch ASAP once it's done!  MI kids- these dudes play out a bit, so make sure you catch them. They fucking bring it live! Make sure you say hi to them, and tell them Toph sent ya ;)

Here's a little snippet of their EP in youtube format-

Fucking dope, right?!? I think that jam might be my favorite on the whole set, so it's no surprise they've used it as the teaser. I just love how heavy and pretty the music gets behind the super raw split vocals. And it's sooooo tight, man- tight like your mom. I think you're adopted. There's no way a baby came outta there!

Once again- Get that shit from bandcamp(name your own price, beyotchhhhh!).  

I'm out.  Take it sleazy.

 Love you guys!





So, obviously you're gonna see me Tophin' around at Cthulhu's Pizza Party this friday with Aren and the crew. However, if you're in the service industry or you've got tickets to the wings game or something- your weekend in the way of live music is not yet lost! If you have the wrong circle of friends or live under a rock(or outside of SE MI)you've probably heard of BERSERKER FEST II. It's a series a of 3 multi-venue shows that apparently will occur annually(at least I hope so, amirite?) in the woodward/9 mile vincinity. So you see- you have 3 nights to choose from, and every night is gonna rule SO HARD. Apparatus booking does a killer job.

The event is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday(March 13th-15th), and is taking place at both The Loving Touch and The Woodward Avenue Brewery(or WAB, for shorties!). You can pick up tickets at Found Sound, UHF, Stormy Records OR on the interwebz. 20 bux gets you in one day, 40 covers the whole 3 day she-bang. You get to see local heavy hitters like Child Bite and Tharsis They alongside incredible national acts like Poison Idea and FUCKING COLISEUM!!! Holy fucking shit, right!?! Everyone cool will be there(I can't be for sad reasons, but go and pour one out for your friendly neighborhood Toph!).

Also, tonight(wed, March 12th)there is a FREE kick-off party at the Loving Touch! Friggin Bars of Gold and Hollow Earth?!? For Free?!?! What the ever-loving fuck?!?! Don't forget your I.D., it's a grown-up's party!

Everything you need to know is at, Including a full lineup. 

You're welcome.

Look for me if you make it to the Pizza Party! I love you all!






Toph is here with another friggin homegrown BANGERRRRRR <3

This past weekend, Under the Gun Review debuted the new single "Fireproof" for our good homies in Wolfshark. I was really excited to hear this jam, and it didn't disappoint. I'm very proud to have known Colin Guffey as a musician for pretty much forever now, and he's come a long way. He's developed a really cool sound as a vocalist, and works really well with the dynamics the band creates. You end up with this really dope fuck-you-you-don't-even-know-me party jammer. The main riff is a really cool norma-jean esque bit they pull through most of the song without losing the energy of it. The chorus hits you with hint of the Used and maybe a little bit of ETID with the way Colin croons over it. I really love the guitar tone in this band. For being what I and a lot of folks are calling a "Party Metal Band"- I feel the tone is pretty sophisticated. You get this really cool high-end English tube sound with a more natural break up. It's GAWJUSS. :) The bridge starts with the whole band stepping aside and letting our bassist shine. He comes in with this really cool slap-happy riff, where you finally realize how good his tone is as well. Gritty, a bit of a fuzz on it, and only slappy enough to be interesting. Reminds me of He Is Legend's bass sound. And then the whole group gets back into it with this escalating set of bars- starting with some delay on the fiddle and Colin cooing like sexy dove over the top. And then we explode. But Colin doesn't, because he is "FIREPROOF, YOU FUCK!"

I fucking love this jam. Check out the vid below, by our good dude Brandan Lee Keller. <3

See?!? I told you!!!!

Aren is shooting an interview with the dudes soon, he'll be talking to them about how sexy they are AND about their forthcoming Spring 2015 EP  titled "Finding Yourself". Look for all of that and more right here at ALSO- be sure to follow Wolfshark on Facebook, and come check them at Cthulhu's 2 Year Anniversary Pizza Slam coming up at the stick March 14th!!!!

XOXO- Toph <3




Image courtesy of  Paul Cherry's facebook page

Image courtesy of Paul Cherry's facebook page

So I woke up the other morning, Tophin' around on the internet like I always do. I check my facebook feed and find out my homie Paul Cherry has finally released his new video for his single "Cherry Time". If you don't recall, or if you're just now scoping my blogs- I put Paul Cherry's album "On Top" in my top 5 unsung records of 2014. I knew Paul was onto something radical with the direction of his music on this record, and I love his video for "Everybody's Burning Out"(you can see it in the aforementioned blog post). "Cherry Time" completely fucking blows it out of the water. It's incredibly NSFW. Just watch it, I can't waste time explaining it to you- there are no words.



I can honestly totally relate to this. I feel this same way about TacoBell and those succulent Olive Garden breadsticks. I just don't think I could fuck taco bell in it's nasty turd-laden toilet stall. I'd seduce it at home!




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Narco Debut


Narco Debut is a killer quartet from metro detroit and they "bring it on" the melodic spacey rock front. Gorgeous layers of guitars saturated in delays and reverb, soaring vocal melodies with hella range over a rhythm section that just grooves it all along. It's not all sparkles and bells- there's an edge with heavy breaks that don't get lost on the rocker crowd. I particularly like how they remind me a lot of Coheed and Cambria's "Second Stage Turbine Blade" record- one of my absolute favorite things ever recorded.  Just lots of builds and lots of high range vocals that wash over you once they hit the break. I love it. Check out their video for "Apologia" below:


They're obviously worth checking out live, Detroit kids. Add them on facebook, and listen to their S/T EP on band camp. I believe it is available for free right now.Do it. It's not just good. It's sofa king good!


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Adventurer S/T EP

So I'm looking into my calendar for the upcoming months. I'm doing a lot of shit, trying to catch my life up after a very tumultuous 2014, and I remember I need to mark down March 14th, as that is the date of  Cthulhu Entertainment's  2nd year anniversary party! I love John after meeting him last year. He's one of the kindest bearded fuckers you'll ever meet, and he truly loves what he does. Check the link and go if you can. Buy tickets from him or from one of the bazillion sick bands playing, including my homie Collin's sick ass band Wolfshark (they just released a single and it's dooooooope!).  Anyhow- My point: I'm checking out all of the bands on the event page, as you might choose to do after reading this bullshit, and I run into a fucking gem.

Photo Cred: Brandan Lee Keller

Photo Cred: Brandan Lee Keller

These guys are called Adventurer, and so is this 7 track banger. And they are everything I love about post 2000 post-hardcore. Heavy and bright. Dynamics off the chart. Killer dual vocals. You would not believe this is just a fucking 3 piece out of Chesterfield, MI. the cleans are beautiful. Great range and they come out with some really exciting harmonies as well. The screaming is super tasteful, fitting well with the dynamics. The drummer kills it, man. I wanna shake this guy's hand on March 14th, because this shit goes everywhere, and he does some sick stuff while not only keeping the time, but he completely moves the dynamics himself. I love this friggin EP, and it'll be on a consistent rotation till I can catch a set :) Listen to my favorite jam, "pursuit of happiness" be;

I fucking know, right?!?! I also really dig "Mariana's Trenchcoat".  But the whole thing is pretty incredible. They definitely give me Fall of Troy vibes, mixed with that of some early Coheed and even a bit of Hopefall's Sattelite Years. All favorites. So I absolutely love and approve. Go snag it from their bandcamp, or look them up on itunes or spotify. And don't forget to catch them at one of the last Magic Stick shows with guitars in it on March 14th!!!! Seriously! Go! 

-xoxo Toph


Lakota De Kai- Big Dad Wolf

Photo cred:    Tyler Hill

Photo cred: Tyler Hill

So I REALLY fucking hate Ohio. A lot. However, these dudes (LAKOTA DE KAI) are outta Kent, OH and holy shit do they rule. Their newest release, Big Dad Wolf, is incredibly complete.  It'll thrash your brains out, and then let you feel safe just long enough before you break your neck trying to keep time with the break down. The vocals are raw and incredible. Every time their front man starts to remind you of someone, he changes personality just in time for you to forget. Don't get me wrong though- his sound is very much his own, despite the multiple personality disorder. The rhythm section is tight and rolls with the incredible dynamic punches. The guitar work is also on point. Incredible instrumentation all around. Did I mention that the vocals are fucking phenomenal?

Check the YouTube vid below to hear my favorite jam, "Spliff". Or just save yourself the time and download the whole fucking album on bandcamp. You won't miss the money you spend(only 7 bones!)- hell, you might wanna buy it twice just out of principle. 

Beautiful. They play out here every so often, too. I'm absolutely gonna go see this shit live ASAP.  Cheers to the only thing I like in Ohio that isn't waffle house(I fucking love waffles).


For fans of: Every Time I Die, Pianos Become the Teeth, Listener, La Dispute

Favorite Tracks: Spliff(see YouTube video above), Leslie Americus

Thanks for scopin' these dudes out! Keep it fuggin Vile, dudes and dudettes!


-XOXO Toph

5 before '15!

'Sup turds!

Welcome to my corner of the Vile world! It's only a couple days until this year is officially friggin dead, and instead of wasting your life with a buttload of shit you already read about on some other spoon-feeding music blog, I'm gonna do you something better. I'm gonna give you 5 releases that I really think went unsung this year, in spite of how fucking incredible they are. A couple LPs, a couple EPs- nothing too overwhelming, I swear.  :)



For fans of: Spitfire, Every Time I Die, Fear Before the March of Flames

You'll ask me why, and I'll say two words: Steve Choi. If ya didn't know already, this dude plays guitar in The Sound of Animals Fighting and RX(FREAKING)Bandits! His guitar sound is totally surprising, yet right at home, on this 5 track masterpiece. Technical and heavy as fuck, topped with incredible vocals that get melodic at the perfect time.

Hear it on spotify

buy it from siren records

Favorite tracks:  Castlemania(see video above), Cha-Chang-Chang-Chainmail




 For Fans of: Fugazi, At the Drive In, BearVsShark

This band is so good and they work way too fucking hard to not be blowing the fuck up right now. They comprise of two ukranian brothers + a bassist, and they're based out of friggin Canada. Crack open a barley pop and try not to crack your head open jammin' on these ten fucking bangers! 

Hear it on spotify,

buy it on bandcamp.

Favorite tracks: I Don't Fit(see video above), You Did It To Yourself




For fans of: TTNG, Tiger's Jaw, As Tall As Lions

These guys are very close friends of mine, and every time they put something out I lose my shit. This album is designed with the sole purpose of making people touch eachother(or at least REALLY wish they were!). Everything is gorgeous. The guitars are melodic and just technical enough. Andy Milad's voice sounds like the angel of fucking sex, and the rhythm section is the perfect surface for all of it ("it"=sex) to happen on. Nick Galli Has seriously become one of my favorite drummers and I'm so proud of these boys.

Hear it on spotify

Buy it at bandcamp

Favorite Tracks: Sweetness(see above video), Bandages





For fans of: Jay Reatard, Ty Segall,  The Beach Boys


FUN FACT: Paul used to be in a band with half of the dudes in Wayne Szalinski once, and that's how I know him/them(cool story, bruh!). Anyway, this is my favorite thing Paul has done. It's so carefree and fun, making it absolutely perfect for gettin BLAZEDDDD. It also gets to levels of sexiness(ie: "Hey Girl") that rival his homies in WS, and I may or may not have touched myself to it a couple of times(tee hee!).

Hear it on Spotify

Buy it on bandcamp

Favorite tracks: Everybody's Burnin' Out(see above video), Hey There, Brother





For Fans of: Norma Jean, Thursday, At the Drive In



This two piece workhorse used to be based out of MI, but they moved out to Minot, ND. I miss them a lot.  Tim is a fucking post-hardcore guitar wizard and Matt is a goddamn machine. I cannot wait to see what's next from these fellas. Be sure to look for these guys, they live to tour and they fucking kill it live!

Hear and buy it on bandcamp

Favorite tracks: The Light Controller, Dead Drums Beat


Thanks for the read, guys. I'll be back with more music next year!

Follow "vilecompany" on spotify to catch my 2014 playlist, and other playlists in the future. 


Love you all, and don't forget to keep it VILE!